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Blue Star Revenge :: Sonic x Shadow
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Are you a fan of the "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game series? Like Sonic? Like Shadow? A lot of us do. :)

However... do you ever find yourself liking them more than JUST their rivalry?

Did you raise an eyebrow upon Sonic's wispy farewell at the end of SA2B?
Did you giggle when Shadow told Sonic in "Sonic Heroes" that "It'll be a date to DIE for!"?
Did you think Sonic was flirting with Shadow all throughout the black hedgehog's infamous game?

Does "faker" sound more like a term of endearment?

If you said yes to any of these questions, welcome to Blue Star Revenge. :3 It's a lil' haven for people like us: Sonadow shippers. Meaning we think Sonic & Shadow not only kick ass as rivals, but as a ship too. ♥ Whether you're as obsessed as I am or just a casual fan, anyone interested in Sonadow is welcome here. ^^ And you know what they say: "These guys fight like an old married couple!" ;D

Why is this place named "Blue Star Revenge"?

"Blue Star" is the name of Sonic's main board in "Sonic Riders". "Revenge" was the rumored name for Shadow's board--only to reveal he wears skates called "Darkness" in the game, and that any board you buy for him doesn't have a specific name. ^^;;; But let's face it, which sounds better? "Blue Star Darkness" or "Blue Star Revenge"? That, and the former doesn't fit LJ's character limit. XDD! Finally, it sounds like a silly Sailor Moon attack. Who can resist that? ;D

Like any existing LJ community, there are guidelines and rules to be followed. So before you jump into the swimming pool, take care to read the sign first:

1. You MUST be a fan of Sonadow. This should be apparent by now, it's a fanclub. You don't become a member of a fishing club if you hate fishing, right? If guys kissing other guys, Sonic BL, or the thought of Sonic & Shadow together makes you squeamish, don't join. Plain & simple. XD Any trollings of "OMG SONADOW EWW WUT IZ UP WIT U PEOPLZ!!1!1" will get your post deleted and automatically banned. :D
2. No Netspeak! This goes for l33t too. I understand that not everyone has perfect English, but it's proper etiquette to type in a comprehensible manner. It doesn't hurt to spell-check your posts. SE HOW OBNOXIOS THES SI 2 READ?!?!?? OMG WTF LOL ANY POSTS LIEK THES WIL G3T YA BAN3D TO!!1!11! OMG WTF LOL
3. Ask permission when posting/linking something not yours. Got a fanfic or fanart or other sort of media to show? Great! Was it done by someone else? You'll have to ask the original creator before showing it here first. Found a nifty fanart on DA, cool fic on FF.net, or a Japanese site? Awesome! Please link and give credit so the maker will receive love. Theft and plagiarism are frowned offenses and no forgiveness comes from breaking this rule. (Aka, instant ban)
4. Label your fanfiction/fanart. Not only does it make our lives easier, it'll be a neater way of sorting everything. ^^ Most importantly, it lets members know what they're clicking on. Is it fluff? Angst? PG? R-rated? Will my boss/teacher kill me if I'm caught looking at this? What about spoilers? Here's a guide for ya:

Title: Tempest
Genre: Action/Adventure, Suspense
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, deathfic, some angst, mild lime content
Spoilers?: The end of "Sonic Adventure 2", "Sonic Battle", & "Shadow the Hedgehog".

For fanartists, you don't have to worry about "genre", so cross that out. ^^

5. PLEASE GET IN THE HABIT OF USING LJ-CUT. Again, proper etiquette. *nod* You don't like having your flist clogged up, do ya? ;D If you don't know how to cut, it works like this:

< lj-cut text="Insert whatever you want here." > < /lj-cut >

Just remove the spaces and you're golden. ;D It's important to put ALL fanfiction & fanart under the cut, no matter how tiny it is (this especially holds true for fanart). If it's an icon post, you're free to leave open three as a preview. ^^

6. Bashing will not be tolerated. Obviously, we don't allow anti-sentiment about Sonic, Shadow, or Sonadow here. But! It's important we show respect for other characters and ships too, whether we like 'em or not. That means no bashing of anyone in fanart or fanfiction, no making a character evil/having people hit/killing him/her off solely because you don't like him/her. It's okay to not like something and express it in a civil manner. What's not okay is being frothy about it. For example, let's say you're not a fan of Amy Rose or Sonamy. "Amy never really appealed to me and I don't feel the same closeness for Sonamy as I do with Sonadow" is okay. "OMG I H8 AMY SHEZ A STALKER BITCH IN DA WAY OF SONIKKU AND SHADOU-SAMAS'S LUV ADN IF SONAMY HAPP3NZ ILL PUK MAH BRAKEFAST" is not. Not to mention insulting to those of us who do like Amy and Sonamy. *nod*
7. Don't be a bully. We're here to fangirl, not fight. I will tolerate no flaming or being a jerk to anyone, no matter WHAT the reason. Don't harass anyone for their opinions, fanfiction, art, etc. The last thing we want to happen is to end up on the front news of Fandom Wank or LJ Drama.
8. Stay on topic. Your kitty sitting in front of the computer is more suitable for your LJ, not here. If Snowball happens to move the mouse for Sonic & Shadow yaoi, though... that'll be quite an interesting story to post. ;D Also, it helps for our stuff to shine the most spotlight on our favorite hedgies as possible. It's okay to mention other couples in a fic of yours, but if it's mostly Knuxouge-centered with only a teeny passing mention of Sonic & Shadow dating, it probably wouldn't feel too much at home here. XDD;;;
9. Wanna affiliate? As long as you're a Sonic or Sonic shipping community, I'll see what I can do. ^^ It's gotta be LJ comms, though--no outside websites or mail-listings. XD
10. Knock yourself out and have fun. Discuss! Fangirl! Write fanfiction! Draw fanart! Photoshop banners! Animate blinkies! Whip up icons! Play with screenshots! Share Sonadowie music and post lyrics and upload the songs! Make AMVs for YouTube! Talk about your favorite moments! Contemplate essays! That's what fandom is for: to share the luff~ ♥ Most of all, we're here to have a good time~ Now go make some new friends. :3


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Any further questions? Feel free to contact me~ --insanepurin